While we were away…

MyJeypore started as an idea in the year 2008, when we felt there was no online presence of our hometown and people needed to know what our Jeypore had. We started as a simple SMS community, transitioned to a blog and all the way to a full-fledged portal (www.myjepore.in) with first of its kind mobile application and a lifestyle magazine for the people of Jeypore. The love we were showered from people all over Jeypore and those away from their hometown was amazing and mind-blowing when we all were just below 21 years old. While we kept doing things at MyJeypore, life had taken different routes for our team and we had to take up diverse paths in life. Nevertheless every time someone asked us about MyJeypore we knew we would someday continue from where we left. Even though we were far from Jeypore and our people, we always had this thought in our heart “c’mon kete hele bhi Jeypore, ama Jeypore aka”.
When we decide it’s time to come back, continue what we started in 2008, we decided this re-entry has to be grand. That is when thala M. S. Dhoni said this about the cricket stadium in his Hometown Ranchi “apne hi hometown main kya inauguration” this made us realize, MyJeypore is not about us coming back in a grand manner, it’s about our people coming together in celebration of culture and heritage of our Jeypore.

So what now…

MyJeypore is here to do some amazing things this time, so much bigger than what we did earlier. We have some awesome plans in mind focusing on the digital generation of Jeypore, we are happy to see the tremendous changes Jeypore has undergone, now we are excited to see how the next few years will be for MyJeypore.

Keep in touch, something awesome is being cooked!

Stay Tuned Jeyporians